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Question: Do you think it’s ok to choose the easy life?
Answer: Quite a bit of generalization but it was a funny video! :) Oktober von schwanz geile frauen geile frauen bumsen Kategorien: Nfl tomorrow 0 Kommentare.
Question: Are some women too cheap?
Answer: Iran and every body is like Are you guys terrorists? Do you guys really f*#k goats? WTF have happened to world?


Question: Not sure what is going on here?
Answer: I'm russian and all i wanted to say that 70 of russian girls are very spoiled and way too bitchy! Nowadays they try too much to look like American girls or girls from the movies. : sad. in the past the were very gorgeous and very unique,but now, all girls around the globe are just trying to immitate chichks from the movies: uniqueness has been lost,seriously -

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Question: Am I being too ambitious?
Answer: A Jewish joke: A waiter walks up to a table of old Jewish ladies and asks Is anything alright?

Imkarn (I desire you move away with the purpose of trip soon.

Question: Just Friends? Why is this guy sticking around?
Answer: Yeah, I'm definitely part Irish. Enjoyable, as always, Marina! Can't wait for your next one. ;)

Thank you for the sake your appointment with your comment.

Question: Cold sore or pimple?
Answer: Needs this *Gropes*

But it leave happen. LIVE. King's english | Pakistan vs Australia.

Question: What is wrong with this guy?
Answer: Canada seems awful

Polls Live. Cricket.

Question: Would you ever date a girl with a headscarf??
Answer: I'm ready to immigrate!

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Question: Confused, was she being serious?!
Answer: Hahahah so sweet

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Question: How do i kick my boyfriend out?
Answer: How about Dutch or Swedish. Nordic in general.

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Question: Why do quality men not hit on me?
Answer: It's a lack of words and brains.

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Question: How do you talk to cute girl's if your shy? :/
Answer: You said don't worry about it if you don't understand the double-meaning words. Es algo de que preocuparse porque te agarran de su puerquito o se burlan de uno hahaha lo digo porque asi es mi familia y asi me molestan haha

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Question: What is the "norm/time frame" for moving in together?
Answer: Im fluent in Pokemon and didnt understand a single word of what she said

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Question: Do guys like to have to chase a girl?

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Question: Why would she ignore me and then message me!?
Answer: For me, as a Brazilian, I never understood why we have such a bad image. I'm not judging the video (tbh, I love this channel but knowing that Brazilian women are only known for being easy and good in bed kinda upsets me.

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Question: What is the Fatherly influence in the men you choose?
Answer: Not bad video Marina! Italian men have a different way to get women over there! Beblssima! Congratulationzione!

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